Watching TV and seeing Texans rushing to the rescue of individuals and families after the torrential rains and flooding we have received over the last few days, makes me so proud to be living in this area of Texas. The flip side of all this is knowing that we have individuals and families desperate for rescue from addiction to tobacco, alcohol, opiates, and other drugs. Those stories are rarely featured.  

BACODA has been known as a best kept secret in dealing with the prevention, intervention and aftercare of substance abuse. Since 1974 we have served the Bay Area with a variety of services – the most important being answering our telephone five days a week to answer questions and help individuals get information and to get help. Calls come from community groups, family members, individuals seeking help, businesses and others. Just the other day a counselor called and I answered the telephone. She was not from our immediate area. She was seeking information on how to deal with the increasing use of e-cigarettes by the students. I was able to give her some of the latest information and steer her to a council closer to her location. Neither of us knew each other nor did she know when she said what high school she was calling from that my grandson is a student there. I was so grateful to hear how conscientious she was in getting the students help.  

If you are on our website and reading this letter, you are one of those caring Texans. Call us for information, call us for help, call us to volunteer and call us to donate. We welcome your participation.  

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