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Classes & Education

Click on a class link below to view more information on that class, including a calendar of upcoming dates. Please be advised that all class days must be attended in order to receive a Certificate of Completion. BACODA only accepts correct change. Check, cash, money order, Visa, and Mastercard are the only acceptable forms of payment. Contact Us for more information at 1-800-510-3111. 

BACODA offers the following classes: 

  • BACODA Approved Classes
​              - Substance Abuse Education Program  16 Hour Program
​              - Substance Abuse Education Class  8 Hour Program
  • State-Mandated Classes
​              - TX DWI Education
              - TX DWI Intervention for repeat offenders
              - TX Drug Offender Education Program

BACODA offers the following free education and support programs:

View the full calendar.
We are a United Way AgencyBACODA is funded by TDSHS, United Way, fees for services, foundations, and donations.

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Please be advised that we are a smoke-free facility. You are prohibited from smoking in our buildings, on the grounds, or in the parking lots. If you are found smoking, you will be expelled from your class and NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN. No guns allowed on premises, concealed or otherwise.