Welcome to Brazoria County Community Coalition
The power of a coalition is creating positive change in our community! Every person has a voice and every 
person can be an advocate. Brazoria County spreads far and wide with each community facing the need to 
keep our youth safe. The goal of the coalition is to create advocacy opportunities in each and every area to 
provide a well-established response to the needs of our youth.

Do you currently reside in Brazoria County and see a need for change in regards to health, wellness or safety? 
Would you like to advocate a message of wellness to the youth in your community or business that serve youth? 
Get involved today and fill out a Partnership Agreement.

For more information contact Dannielle Meyer at dannielle.meyer@bacoda.org or call 832-330-5898.

Brazoria County needs you!  Your expertise can make the difference!

For more info: Contact the Brazoria County Community 
Coalition Coordinator, Dannielle Meyer.

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BACODA is funded by TDSHS, United Way, fees for services, foundations, and donations.
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Prescription Drop Boxes a HUGE SUCCESS

Since the first box opened at Angleton PD in 2014, 6 additional boxes have been added and are available to residents of Brazoria County. This successful community offering has collected and incinerated over 3,000 lbs of unwanted, unused and expired medications. This service is free but NO NEEDLES or LIQUIDS are accepted. For the location closest to you click here.

Join the Brazoria County Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force today!
We Card Program: Responsible Beverage Service Education

Retailers play a critical role in preventing the sale of age-restricted products to underage customers. The We Card Program, Inc. offers you a wide range of tools and training and education assets to assist retail outlets and their employees in successfully spotting and denying underage attempts to purchase age-restricted products. BCCC's objective is to equip retailers in our area with in-store signage and point-of-sale age calculation tools, such as We Card’s Age-of-Purchase Calendar and window/door decals. ​ If you are interested in receiving We Card material, please contact Dannielle Meyer at 800-510-3111 or Dannielle.Meyer@bacoda.org
Need Rx Prevention Education?

The Brazoria County Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force begins Phase 2 of its United Way funded grant. The focus is on community education about the life-saving drug Naloxone and how it is used for opioid overdoses. What is Naloxone? Do you have staff or employees interested in how to use Naloxone? Receive an educational presentation from Rx Prevention Specialist, Kelley Ackley! Call today to schedule!  

You can reach Kelley at 281-919-5598 or by email at Brazoria.CCP@bacoda.org.
Coastal Concerns Coalition

We are excited to announce a new collaborative project between law enforcement, home owners, rental companies, conservation groups, business owners and non-profit organizations to limit the negative outcomes caused by underage drinking along the Texas coastline. Please join us as we gain awareness of the issues facing the beach communities and what we can do to help. For more information, contact Dannielle Meyer at dannielle.meyer@bacoda.org or