ABOUT US: Galveston County Community Coalition

Galveston County Community Coalition (GCCC) exists to serve as a community-wide effort aiming 
to prevent and reduce the harmful impact of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse in youth within 
our communities. That is our mission. Our vision is to provide a community where youth are respected, 
appreciated and provided the opportunity to live safe and healthy lives.

We implement these efforts by utilizing community-based, environmental prevention strategies. These strategies 
are research and scientifically based and are proven to work on a national and local level. GCCC relies on effective 
community partnerships and collaborations to effect change in community norms and perceptions, access and availability and policies and regulations. Some of these strategies include: outreach and education, reducing underage drinking by conducting compliance checks and responsible beverage service campaigns to retailers and positive messaging campaigns only to name a few.

Local, Statewide and Federal Coalition Partners
  • Brazoria County Community Coalition 
  • Coalition of Behavioral Health Services
  • Tri-County Community Coalition
  • Southeast Harris County Community Coalition

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