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Drug Free Business-Bay Area

What Drug Free Business-Bay Area can offer to businesses:
Drug Free Workplace Policy
  • Assistance in developing a new policy 
  • Review of existing policy 

Supervisor Training*
  • Skills and knowledge to recognize drug/alcohol impairment
  • Training on company policy and procedures
  • Resources

Employee Education & Awareness Programs
  • Training on company policy and procedures
  • Education
  • Resources

What BACODA can do after a problem has been discovered:
Substance Abuse Professional Services* (SAP)
  • Motivational Counseling
  • Education
  • Treatent Referral
  • Case Management
  • Documentation for Return to Work status

Aftercare Services
  • Follow-up calls 
  • Motivational counseling 

BACODA’s Drug Free Business-Bay Area has been developed to assist area businesses in the development of comprehensive and supportive drug-free workplace programs. 

Goal: Our goal is to develop a drug free business community by providing a framework for each employer to establish as drug free work environment. BACODA can provide every business, regardless of size and resources, the opportunity and expertise to economically 
address substance abuse in the work place. Reducing liabilities while increasing the bottom line is simply Business 101.

For Drug Free Business Services contact Sue Roberts.
We are a United Way AgencyBACODA is funded by TDSHS, United Way, fees for services, foundations, and donations.

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