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Youthworks Family Program

Positive Action
Youthworks Prevention Specialist work with participants in a group setting to educate kids about how thinking more positively can help them make better choices and feel better about themselves. Parents may attend family sessions, covering the same topics, in order to better reinforce positive changes, for their children, themselves, and their families. Life’s Big Question: Who Am I? is covered throughout six units addressing physical, intellectual, emotional, and social aspects of self-concept. The following six units make up the Positive Action curriculum.

  • Unit 1: Self-Concept: What It Is, How it’s Formed, and Why it’s Important.
  • Unit 2: Keeping a Healthy Body and Mind
  • Unit 3: Managing Yourself Responsibly
  • Unit 4: Treating Others the Way You Like to be Treated
  • Unit 5: Being Honest with Yourself and Others
  • Unit 6: Improving Yourself Continually

Positive Action for families involves parents in a positive way in their children’s lives. An effective and supportive family is a strong predictor of the academic success and physical, intellectual, social, and emotional health of individuals, families, and society. Positive Action provides many tools that foster effective families and supportive parents. For more information on Positive Action click here.

Positive Action Philosophy:
“You feel good about yourself when you think and do positive actions, and there is always a positive way to do everything.”

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