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Our Services

Life Recovery Services

Operations: Most of these services will be in the Clear Lake office; however staff activities include community outreach throughout the community served. 

    Information Dissemination-website, telephone, in person, health fairs- provide information designed to create awareness and 
    knowledge of alcohol and other drugs use, abuse and addictions; and their harmful effects on individuals, families and communities.

    Individual Substance Abuse Counseling- a process through which clients work one-on-one with a licensed counselor to provide 
    guidance and help navigate life’s challenges. 

    Individual Assessments-utilizing a research based assessment tool as well as face-to-face interview; a licensed counselor will make 
    recommendations on services needed.

    Crisis Calls/Counseling- providing immediate support to individuals that are experiencing a high level of distress and focus on     immediate needs.

    Recovery Support Services -social support designed to fill the needs of people in or seeking recovery.

    Education- helps individuals learn about reasons for drug and alcohol abuse, the way certain substances can affect the body, and how 
    relationships can be affected by addiction.
            Court Referred-
                Driving While Intoxicated-Education (DWI-Ed)
                Driving While Intoxicated-Intervention (DWI Repeat)
                Drug Offender Education Program (TDOEP)

            Referred by employer or other entities and Developed to address community need:
                Substance Abuse Education Program (SAEP)

    Community Outreach/Presentations– reaching out to others and becoming involved in our community in an effort to increase 
    knowledge of substance abuse and reduce the stigma.

    Drug Free Business Services- support our local community by providing assistance with substance abuse policies and procedures, 
    provide trainings for supervisors and staff.

Community Coalitions


BACODA no longer provides urine analysis. However, we continue to sell the rapid drug test to individuals.

For more information, call us at 1-800-510-3111

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