BACODA is funded by TDSHS, United Way, fees for services, foundations, and donations.
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This site was last updated: 5/18/2011

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Serving the Bay Area since 1974...

A group of concerned citizens met and established an agency that continues today to address an issue that impacts the entire community. The most recent United Way Greater Houston survey found our communities are most concerned about drug problems.
BACODA remains firm in its belief that chemically dependent individuals and their families can and do recover. BACODA offers a wide range of services to aid in the recovery process. Services are offered in a confidential setting. Low cost professional help is available close at home with BACODA’s trained staff and volunteers.
  • BACODA will bring awareness to the fatal results of drinking and driving with its 3rd Annual Healing Field® Event.
  • The acres of red, white, and blue will serve as a visual reminder of the deadly consequences of drinking and driving.
  • Take time to walk throughout the 1,551 flags and remember the lives that were lost on Texas roadways in 2009. The field is open to the public Nov. 6-11, 2010 from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • The 3ft x 5ft, 9 ft tall flags are available for purchase or may be donated to a Veteran of your choice. Click the 'Donate Now' button to purchase your Healing Field® flag today.