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About Youthworks

Youthworks provides prevention services in schools throughout Brazoria, Galveston, Matagorda, and Southeast Harris Counties. Prevention education aims to encourage prevention by focusing on concepts such as improving self-concept, making healthy decisions, accepting responsibility and practicing honesty.  

Youthworks staff provide prevention education, using the Positive Action curriculum, in elementary schools, junior high/middle schools and high schools.  Additionally, we provide educational presentations and alternative activities in the community, free of charge.

​Youthworks Populations

Youth prevention universal (YPU) is offered to young people in general. There are no special requirements. Universal prevention strategies take the broadest approach and are designed to reach entire groups or populations. YPU is provided to 1st grade through 4th grade.

Youth prevention selective (YPS) is offered to young people who may be at higher than average 
risk for substance misuse. Providing Youth Prevention Selective (YPS) services promotes a proactive process to address health and wellness for individuals, families, and communities by enhancing
protective factors that increase knowledge, skills, and attitudes for making healthy choices.
Selective prevention strategies target subgroups known to be at higher risk for substance
use and misuse than the general population. YPS is provided to 5th grade through 8th grade.

Youth prevention indicated (YPI) is offered to young people who face certain challenges — such as truancy, failing grades or experimental substance misuse — and could use extra support. Indicated prevention strategies target individuals due to initiative behaviors and/or related risk factors that place the individual at an elevated risk for substance use and misuse. YPI is provided to 9th grade through 12th grade.

​Contacts for Youthworks:

YPU and YPS:
Benita Fernandez, Assistant Director benita.fernandez@bacoda.org or 800-510-3111
Becky Buentello, Program Director becky.buentello@bacoda.org or 800-510-3111

Brittany Taylor, Assistant Director brittany.taylor@bacoda.org or 800-510-3111
Carie Fletcher, Program Director carie.fletcher@bacoda.org or 800-510-3111

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