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Frequently Asked Questions

From Parents
What are some low to no cost activities I can do with my kids? 
Click here to find out!

What are some warning signs my child may be using drugs?

With all the slang being used, how do I know if my child or his/her friends are talking about drugs?

What did that text message say?

What do I do if I need help with substance abuse?
Please contact us at BACODA and one of our counselors can help you determine what level of care you need.  If you need to enter into treatment, the counselor can help you find an appropriate facility, even if you do not have insurance or cannot afford to pay.

From Kids

What do I do if my parent has a drinking/drug use problem?
Talk to a professional, a school counselor, a teacher, a friend’s parents, etc. It also may be helpful to talk with peers who have experienced what you are going through. Please visit the al-anon/alateen link below to find support near you or contact BACODA and we will be happy to help you.

What do I do if my friend has a drinking/drug use problem?

Can you really get addicted to marijuana?

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