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Our Services

Life Recovery Services

Operations: Most of these services will be in the Clear Lake office; however staff activities include community outreach throughout the community served. 

    Information Dissemination-website, telephone, in person, health fairs- provide information designed to create awareness and 
    knowledge of alcohol and other drugs use, abuse and addictions; and their harmful effects on individuals, families and communities.

    Individual Substance Abuse Counseling- a process through which clients work one-on-one with a licensed counselor to provide 
    guidance and help navigate life’s challenges. 

    Individual Assessments-utilizing a research based assessment tool as well as face-to-face interview; a licensed counselor will make 
    recommendations on services needed.

    Crisis Calls/Counseling- providing immediate support to individuals that are experiencing a high level of distress and focus on     immediate needs.

    Recovery Support Services -social support designed to fill the needs of people in or seeking recovery.

    Education- helps individuals learn about reasons for drug and alcohol abuse, the way certain substances can affect the body, and how 
    relationships can be affected by addiction.
            Court Referred-
                Driving While Intoxicated-Education (DWI-Ed)
                Driving While Intoxicated-Intervention (DWI Repeat)
                Drug Offender Education Program (TDOEP)

            Referred by employer or other entities and Developed to address community need:
                Substance Abuse Education Program (SAEP)

    Community Outreach/Presentations– reaching out to others and becoming involved in our community in an effort to increase 
    knowledge of substance abuse and reduce the stigma.

    Drug Free Business Services- support our local community by providing assistance with substance abuse policies and procedures, 
    provide trainings for supervisors and staff.

Community Coalitions


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